11 Spot To Make Sure That Your Lo Uis Vuitton Maine Belt Is Real Or Fake

How To Make Sure That Your Lo Uis Vuitton Maine Belt  It's Real or fake. This is what i am doing in several days ago.

There are 11 total steps how to spotting fake Louis Vuitton belts. I wonder that so many people paying crazy prices for Louis Vuitton belts that are easily spotted as not being authentic; I just don't believe that many people know what to look for. This belt in particular cost $470. All fakes are different so make sure you go through every step. Hope this helps.

Okay, I’m back. It took me a while to get things sorted, but now I’m free. So the other day I went to the market and wanted to purchase aa nice belt that would go with my outfit. As short-on-money as I always was, I decided to purchase a fake Louis Vuitton Damier. Oh yes, that thing looked classy on my waist until I decided to spot the differences between a real Louis and the fake I had on me.
Although I INTENTIONALLY purchased a fake, several vendors on eBay are selling them at a price that is twice that of a real one! Yup, they are there to loot. And they loot you bad if you don’t have knowledge. Even my uncle does, but he’s only allowed to sell three items a month. The last time I checked he sold a fake Gucci bag for a little over €85 that he purchased for €7 from Pakistan.

Note to self: selling fakes is a very cool business. Anyway, here with the differences that you MUST spot if you want to ensure the LV belt you’re purchasing is real. There are lots of differences that can help you, so here we go:

1.       Country of manufacture

I’m amazed how you can mention “Made in France” at the end of ANY designer wear and it is guaranteed to sell on eBay. Yup, that’s true- people actually pay lots of money to purchase such items. And they never discover the item they purchased was a fake in the first place! Anyway, to spot a fake Louis V, simply enquire for its country of manufacture.

ALL LV belts are ONLY manufactured in SPAIN. Yes, Spain alone; not France, Germany, Italy or even China. Any LV men's belt stating anything else but Spain, is clearly to be thrown out of the window. Well, don’t throw it out; sell it to some shopaholic on eBay with no knowledge about fakes. You will find tons of them over there.

Only the belts produced in 1980’s-90’s were crafted outside Spain, and you will have to be lucky to spot such an old piece on the internet. And they too, were SOMETIMES produced in the US, if not Spain. There is no way a person is going to sell such an old piece online. So, in short, Spain is what you are looking for.

2.       Taking a keen look at the buckle

The next thing I spotted on my LV’s buckle was that it had a “Louis Vuitton” engraved on its back along with a code number. I was quite impressed by the level of detailing, until I found that real LVs DON’T have any engravings on their backs. Yup, sad life, isn’t it?  Anyway, I really thought the engraving was a symbol of originality and the code number was to give it a serial number.

If you have an LV that is with an engraved buckle – you paid a little too much for it, my friend. Wrap it up, and gift it to a friend and tell him you imported it from Spain, especially for him. Your friend might not be able to handle the happiness. Yeah, feel wise people, feel wise. #DaddylizationTips

3.       Authenticity cards

You clearly have that with you safe, don’t you? Very good. Now do yourself a favor; pick those authenticity cards up and throw them in the fireplace to BURN!! NO LV comes with something as tempting and valuable as an authenticity card. I mean, what is LV charging us for? Just a box and the leather itself? That means we’re NOT provided with anything of a novelty item?

That’s just really intelligent scamming. Making an authenticity card to make the LV look real; what a brilliant idea! However, the authenticity cards are as worthless as the fake belt itself. My fake…it had one too. Oh, how much I cared for the card. I put it in this big black box with silk clothing inside it, just to keep it safe.

4.       The box itself

Mine arrived in a plain white box that was dented all over. However, I remember, my uncle purchased a couple and they were provided in boxes that looked genuine. Okay, first off, the original box itself:

The box shown above is real. Oh, it has come straight from the retail store, so you can trust me on this one. There is a “Louis Vuitton” EMBOSSMENT on the CENTER-RIGHT of the box. The box itself is Brown, and the embossment is Black. No other color, but Black and Brown for the Damier Azur. Slide the box out and you should feel that it is a perfect fit. It should not come out without you pulling the leather strap.

Also, the box is detachable. Any box that doesn’t detach marks a clear fake.

5.       The bag and the dust cover

Mine came in a clear shopping bag: clearly a fake. The original Louis Vuitton shopping bag is a Dark Brown cardboard-like material, with premium Brown ribbons at the top. These ropes are very durable and you shouldn’t be able to see them damaged or bruised from anywhere. They don’t have any hoses/holes/outlets in bag. Instead, the ropes go INSIDE the bag itself and are glued inside.

The dust cover is another way you can spot a fake Louis Vuitton belt. Any other cover that is NOT made from 100% cotton flannel is not original. Louis Vuitton’s dust covers for belts always come with two ropes to tighten them up.

A “Louis Vuitton” is written on the bottom, centered. Remember, it’s neither engraved, nor embossed. The words are printed. Also, the color of the dust cover is a light Mustard Yellow. But that’s for the Damier Azur I purchased. For other models, and there are 20 of them, you might be getting a skin-colored duct cover.

6.       The receipt

This is the receipt you all should be looking for. No other format for it, just this. A “client copy” is written on the top left, then a “Louis Vuitton” in BLOCK letters, centered. On the right, is the date of purchase along with the exact time by the minute. The particulars are listed in columnar form.

The most important part of the receipt is the watermark at the back of the paper that can clearly be seen through the front if you bring it in the light. The watermark has the company’s trademark followed by the outlet’s address. Check that to verify the receipt is original. Fake vendors don’t have time to provide watermarks on the back.

7.       The price

Anything too pricey or too economical can be a fake. My uncle sold a Gucci bag for €85. Last time it cost €85 was when Hitler ruled over Germany. Nein, just kidding. Oops. Anyway, here with the complete price list of ORIGINAL, untouched Louis Vuitton belts. The prices are recorded as at January 1, 2014 and are subject to fluctuations:

1.       LV Initiales 40 MM: $590.00
2.       Riveted Belt: $545.00
3.       LV Initials Damier Graphite: $470.00
4.       Boston Glazed Reversible: $670.00
5.       Damier Drive: $515.00
6.       Detroit 35MM: $590.00
7.       Anagramme: $365.00
8.       Ginza Epi 40MM: $410.00
9.       Ellipse 30MM: $705.00
10.   Timeless 30MM: $515.00
11.   Ace Belt Damier: $410.00
12.   Texas Utah 35MM: $670.00
13.   LV Initials Tiga Leather: $545.00
14.   LV Initials Monogram Reversible: $545.00
15.   Inventeur Damier Graphite: $705.00
16.   Sydney Damier: $450.00

You can also watch this video For detailed To Make Sure That Your Lo Uis Vuitton Maine Belt Is Real Or Fake 


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