How to Make a Scatter Plot in Excel

It's so easy making scatter plot in excel. but if didn't know it will be dificcult. so just click  below to find your answer

How to Make a Scatter Plot in Excel

 Follow this step
  • 1. How to make a scatter plot in Excel
  • 2. Open a new workb`ook and enter your data
  • 3. Select “Insert” and click chart
  • 4. Click the double arrow on the right, so you can see this… select X Y (scatter)
  • 5. Now you have the options below, highlight your data and select the one that looks like this
  • 6.
  • 7. To add labels for the X and Y axis, you will need to use the “formatting palette”
  • 8. You can also change the chart title by selecting chart title and typing the chart title in the box that appears below the drop down menu.
  • 9. Use the same drop down menu to add labels to the X and Y axis
    Just a reminder that the horizontal axis is X and the vertical axis is Y.
  • 10. Almost there….Once you have correctly labeled your graph, click on the blue border. Copy and paste the chart into your lab report in the results section.Write a 1-2 sentence description below the graph explaining what is displayed.

More tutorial How to Make a Scatter Plot in Excel folow this link


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